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We Are Alaska – No on One promotes responsible development by providing the public with relevant information about the oil tax referendum in August.

What Did SB 21 Do Flyer


How do we know that SB 21 is working? Because we’re hearing it from our members!

If your company is feeling the changes brought about by the passage of oil tax reform and you’d like to share it with us, contact us!

  • CH2M Hill has hired 68 new employees for base operations supporting drilling, wells and related activities.
  • Flowline has seen a significant uptick in work and RFQs related to the North Slope.
  • Northern Industrial Training has added 25 full-time Alaskan employees, purchased five new trucks, two pieces of heavy equipment, four additional trainers and increased their welding training capacity by 30%. They attribute all this increased demand to new oil and gas jobs. NIT is also working with several companies to develop workforce jobs that won’t start for another year.
  • Udelholven has seen a 20-25% increase in their work related to the North Slope.
  • Builders Choice has seen a 20-25% increase in their North Slope work.
  • Davis Block, a Kenai company that usually employs five people during the winter kept 15 full-time people employed year-round.
  • Big G Electric has doubled its workforce in the last year in response to a new North Slope contract they won.
  • Kenworth Alaska has hired 8 new full-time employees and added a night shift in their Fairbanks shop. Additionally, they’ve seen their truck sales increase dramatically. In the 1st Quarter of 2012 they saw 25 trucks sold with 8 going to the slope. After the passage of SB 21 they saw 75 trucks sold in the 1st quarter of 2013 with 48 going to the slope.
  • Little Red Services has added 10 new full-time jobs and seen their hot oil truck hours increase significantly from 2012 to 2013.
  • Nabors Drilling has added two rigs in Kuparuk and 100 direct Nabors personnel.

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