Primary Election Candidate Comparison

We promised a candidate comparison based on the Alliance’s legislative priorities.

After hours of research, we are unable to fulfill that promise for a very basic reason: Actions speak louder than words. 

It was easy to gauge incumbent support or opposition by their voting record. If they voted for the budget, they were opposed to our legislative priority of a sustainable budget of $4.5 billion or lower. If they voted for HB 132, an act relating to the purpose, powers and duties of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, they were supportive of our legislative priority to continue the progress made on AKLNG. If they voted for Amendment #20 CSHB Rules 247 that substantially changed the tax structure and removed incentives to increase production, they were opposed to our legislative priority of increasing production.

Challengers were challenging. The vagueness and platitudes that most candidates tout sound good. Positions taken from statements on their websites, statements to the media or statements made in public forums lack substance and provide no insight into how they will perform as a legislator, and provide no solutions to the problems our state is facing.

Challengers didn’t answer any of the following specific questions relative to the Alliance’s legislative priorities:

  • Will they vote for an unsustainable budget?
  • Do they support an AKLNG project that is driven by the private sector and market forces?
  • Will they support policies that spur investment and lead to increased production?

We Are Alaska will be asking candidates in the general election to answer these questions.