2016 Election Cycle

2016 is a critical year for the future of our great state. Low oil prices have resulted in thousands of Alaskans losing their jobs, multi-billion-dollar state budget deficits, and the threat of higher taxes on Alaskan workers, businesses, and industries. We Are Alaska believes that increased investment, exploration, development, and production of our oil, gas, and mineral resources is the best path forward for all Alaskans. Policy makers should be focused on attracting private sector investment, growing private sector employment, avoiding tax increases on the resource development industries, and increasing production of oil, gas, and mineral resources.

The general election is 5 months away. We Are Alaska is committed to providing you with information about critical issues in the election and where incumbent legislators have stood on those issues.

As you meet with candidates and elected officials, please ask them what their stances are on how to fix the budget deficit, resource development, new taxes on Alaskans, and how they plan to incentive investment, job creation, and more production in Alaska.

We remain committed to identifying those individuals who grasp the significant role that responsible development of our oil, gas, and mineral resources plays in our state. Likewise, we remain committed to identifying elected officials who take stances and votes that are detrimental to Alaska’s most important industries and look to taxes on Alaskans to cover the budget gap, rather than investing in a strong private sector and reducing the size and scope of government.